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Reference AZ pneu

As proof, we can demonstrate such an application created for AZ pneu, supplier of aluminum wheels.

Simply select the brand, model, year and color of your car and then you can choose from aluminum wheels offered. Instantly see how the disk will look directly at your car.

Try for yourself, how is this online application quick, easy and intuitive.



„IT technology have to simplify human life. Our solutions are easy to use.“
Mgr. Lubor Nosek and Mgr. Lukas Estvanc – incorporators NETIUM Ltd.


NETIUM company for many years developing and managing software, which saves our clients time and brings them new customers satisfied. Our common goal is to increase your prosperity.


Control of our applications, based on the latest IT technologies, is understandable not just technical, but also directors or assistants. We propose to you the information, statistical and database systems, separate and online applications and stores, everything that can simplify work for you and your clients.


Always with you, our clients, working closely and carefully kept all the information. This way we can capture all ideas and details that you expect from our software. Results of a survey of our customers have shown that it is precisely this approach leads to your satisfaction with a completed software. We also found that appreciate our ability to respond flexibly to newly created requirements after the completion of work and therefore we, our help is always at hand.


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